The soft, gentle flutter of a fairy's wings.
The wings so quiet in their flight.
You can't see her during the day
For she's a spirit of the night.

The little fairy may blow you a kiss
And make sure all is right.
The gentle caress of an angel's wings.
She's a spirit of the night.

As she casts a magical spell,
This tiny, little sprite.
She always glows from within
This spirit of the night.

But as she moves to and fro
She always stays out of sight.
But when the day comes, she is gone.
This spirit of the night.

~ Katherine M. Parisse ~
Copyright , 2004
©used with permission
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Music: Bonnie Woodgreen,
Traditional Irish Folktune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
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Artwork: Spirit of the Night
by John A. Grimshaw

Font is Manuscript